Draco’s Story

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My name is Draco. I look like a cat but I think I’m a dragon. I was adopted from the pound and from day 1, I have not been one to stay inside. I love adventures. I was so happy when we moved from a city neighborhood to the country, with nothing but fields behind my house.

Unfortunately not everyone likes cats because in January 2021, 2 years after we moved here, someone shot me. That’s how I became a tripawd. I made it home, limping and bleeding, and my family is so happy I survived.

I’m really happy to be home and I’m determined not to let my missing leg stop me. My mom had to lock me in her room to stop me from running (hopping) all over the house when we got home! I should have about 6 lives left so my family will make sure I live those lives to the fullest.


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5 thoughts on “Draco’s Story”

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  2. Welcome handsome Draco! What an awful ordeal, so glad you got home and help before it was too late.
    I look forward to following your story. When did you have your surgery?

    Jackie and Huckleberry

  3. You sweet, sweet boy. People can really suck, I’m so sorry you ran into one. But not all of us do, I hope you’ll forgive the human race.

    Meanwhile, you look fantastic and we are so glad you decided to start a blog. There aren’t nearly enough kitty stories here so THANK YOU! The blogs give hope to others who are uncertain about life on three legs. I have a feeling you are going to teach everyone a LOT!

    Keep us posted.

  4. You are a gorgeous “dragon” cat!!! I’m so sorry this happened to you. You are truly lucky to have a loving family to get you the help you needed!!! The country is an awesome place for a kitty but there are some dangers as you are aware! I hope you heal quickly so you can get back to doing what all kitty’s do!!

    Barb & Lucky

  5. Thank you for the comments and support! Draco adjusted much faster than I expected and he’s been so happy and sweet. I don’t regret the choice we had to make for him at all!

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